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Wine Experience
Wine Club

Experience wine in a new way. Each month you will have two bottles of wine, hand selected for the club. Each month will feature a region or a single producer. The region might be well known like Napa in California, or a lesser known like a small region of Spain. A single producer (Wine Maker) might get wines from multiple vineyards in a single area or from different countries. Each month brings something new to explore in wine.

Wine Bottles

The Wine Club

Q. What is the wine club?

A. The wine club is offered to customers who would like to get more invloved with wine and get special offers and pricing. 

Q. How does it work?

A. As a club member you will receive two, specially selected bottles of wine each month. The Wines will have a retail value equal to or greater than the club membership. As a club member you will also be eligible for other values and special pricing, not available to non-club members.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The monthly fee is $45 + tax. For this you will receive two bottles of wine, equal to or greater than the cost of the club cost.

Q. Are there other benefits?

A. Yes, club members will receive 10% off all regularly priced wines in the store.

Club members may attend weekly wine tastings at no charge, a $6 value.

Club members will receive a discount on special events held at or through Wine Experience (amount varies depending on event).

Club members will be eligible for free or discounted wine classes and special tastings.

Q. How do I join?

A. Simply fill out the form and have a valid credit card to bill your membership to each month.

Q. How does the billing work?

A. Your card will be billed automatically every month.

Q. How do I get my wine?

A. You will need to pick your wine up at the store. Available the second Tuesday of each month.

Q. What if I cannot make it to the party?

A. Your wine will be waiting for you when you are ready.

Q. Can I have it mailed to me?

A. All wine must be picked up, no mailing option is available.

Q. What if I move or need to quit?

A. You may quit at anytime, just let us know.

Q. What if I am away and can’t pick up my wine that month? or longer?

A. Your club wine will be held for up to six months. If we have not heard from you in that time, your account will be suspended, meaning we will quit billing you. At that point you will have another six months to pick up the wine you paid for.

Q. Is my credit card number safe?

A. The card number used for your membership is held by the credit processor and is not kept or stored in any way by the store. 

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