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Reserving the Back Room

You can reserve the Back Room by phone, in person or by e-mail. If by email you will need to get a reply back for confirmation.

  • The room can comfortably seat about 20 adults. The number can change depending on the event and table space needed.

  • The room is free with purchase of wine, about one bottle for every three adults for two hours

  • If you wish you may bring in food for your event, birthday cake, snacks, soft drinks, etc.

  • Folding tables for food, gifts, and so on are available.

  • You are responsible for your own clean up.

  • The whole building may be reserved on Sunday or Monday but special pricing would apply


When reserving the Back Room please indicate the following

  • Date and time requested

  • Approximately how many guests

  • Type of event

  • How many minors, if any

  • Any special needs or circumstances

If possible stop into the store before the event to view the space and pre-select wine for the event. You may also get a virtual tour here.

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